Aida Software Corp.

- Startup in customer support, customer intelligent, acquired by Vision Critical.

  FD: Finite Difference Simulation Toolkit

- A high-level programming language to solve nonlinear PDEs

  Search Relevance

- Home Depot's search relevance data science challenge | NLP and text mining | Score: top 3.5%

  Store Sale Forecasting

- Rossmann data science challenge | linear/local regression, generalized additive model and boosted regression trees | RMSE: 0.11 for 1000+ stores

  G-BSSN Einstein's Equation Solver

- First successful implementation of a fully evolutionary scheme that can track and find the critical solution of Einstein's equation in collapse to blackhole.

  Einstein-Vlasov System

- When photons are confined by their own gravity and collapse to blackholes, some cool stuff happnes:

  Simple HTML

- A self-contained minimal web [github] page generator and CMS with: Markdown + CodeHighlighter + TOC + References + Latex + IncludeHTML + EasyImageInclude